Vicente Paolo M…

Vicente Paolo Medalla Cruz



Through the reporting and upon searching and reading the bible to find the answers I’ve come to realize a lot of things; these things that i’ve neglected to notice in my life, even in my passion, Arnis. Jesus and the sacramental qualities He had shown us revealed that through everything that happens, everything that is and was is with Jesus Christ. As i train or even as i compete, His presence is there guiding us and giving us opportunities to do good. This is also reflected in some ways in my passion, and through this i’ve realized how to look at things in a brighter perspective.


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Paolo Yalong



Our presentation shows the portrayal of Jesus as the promised messiah in the gospel of Matthew. We made a short video in relation to our topic and while making the presentation I’ve found out some facts about the reality of God’s promise that a saviour would come. Unlike the expected messiah, Jesus was not a political hero but a simple man of wisdom. We’ve come up with a concept to exploit the idea of dating daan so that we could fully explain the content and message of the gospel. We are glad that we did something senseful through the video and we were able to share the labor of its reality.


Christine J. Ob…

Christine J. Obedoza




Christian religion is the largest religion all over the world even today. Christianity has a wide variety of beliefs, forms and even practices but all of these are much focused on faith in God.

And as a Christian since birth, I undergo such beliefs and practices which also helped me know myself better and why I am here, living in this world today.

Having known the sacramental qualities of Jesus’ actions, I have realized the relevance of these sacraments in my life’s journey. The sacraments are there to accompany us as we travel in this world, from the first sacrament until on what is the end. The first sacrament is the start of welcoming us in our Christian life and signifies the belongingness to Jesus Christ and associated with the gifting of the Holy Spirit. Baptism, being the first sacrament, symbolizes a participation in Christ’s death and resurrection. All of the sacraments, although I haven’t encountered some yet, are on how we handle and how we continuously handle to have faith in Jesus and to continue the practices on what’s our religion is practicing. The last sacrament or known as the Anointing of the sick is not only given when somebody is old and dying, but anyone who is sick regardless of his/her age is suitable on this sacrament.

I have realized regarding on our topic that, It all starts with Jesus. The important step in enriching our understanding on the different sacraments is to see Jesus himself, in the positive outlook on him, in his humanity, as the first and original sacrament. It all starts with him. Jesus himself is our sacrament, our visible sign whether on how we see him.

Relating this reflection on our topic to my passion, I know that all the things we do in life are our own decisions and it is up for us to make our decisions possible or miserable. And me, I choose swimming as my passion and I don’t see and encounter any regret because I know that this is what I want for myself and also, what my family and love ones want for me. And as I have said earlier, it is also up for us to see all our passions on a positive outlook or outcome for our life, as long as we don’t hurt any people on each of our chosen passion.

3 points; Passion, Death and Resurrection

Basketball is my favorite sport and passion and it helps me in a lot of ways.  In playing basketball, you need discipline and respect to your opponent. I love playing basketball because of excitement, fun and of course the bonding with your friends.  Also watching games of NBA, UAAP and NCAA helps me to improve my skills and at the same time it entertains me.  

-Cedric Marion ReyesImage

Passion for kicking ass; ATaekwando, Gotta Love it!

Taekwondo is my passion. I train myself until my body gets tired because it’s my passion and I want to do anything for my passion. Death to me is like losing in a competition and having a hard time to heal my injuries but I tried to get up and win again. Every gold medal means a lot to me, if I won a gold medal, it means that I did my best in the competition. I will always do my best in Taekwondo because I love it, it’s my passion, and it’s my life.

-Adrian Rivera YumangImage


Take a dip; my passion for swimming~

Swimming is a competitive sport played around the world and on many different levels, including the Olympics. It’s also an easy sport to do by yourself, for fun and for exercise. You can swim in a backyard pool, an indoor lap pool, or the waters of an ocean or lake.

Becoming a competitive swimmer means conditioning your body to swim in the most efficient manner possible. This means you will have to do far more than swim in the pool on a daily basis and perfect your technique. You will also need to use special swim gear to provide you with the training you need to become a stronger swimmer.

I’ve been talking about the sport which is swimming and obviously, you already knew that swimming is my ultimate passion.
I started swimming when my Dad enrolled me at a swimming lesson during summer when I was about 10 years old. At first, I do this sport just because my parents want to but when my coach told me, during our last day of swimming lesson, that I should join swimming competitions in our city and pursue this sport because he said that he sees the potential in me to be a swimmer someday. And there I stared wondering if I can continue this kind of sport. And now that I’m at the age of seventeen, I’m proud to say that I did not quit in this one tough sport.

I still continue this passion because every time I’m doing this, I’m aware of the things that I need to do in real life. Because in swimming, you need to do finish the lap that you need to do, so I can say that in real life, I am surely aware of my responsibility as a daughter, student and a part of this community.

This is my passion because I know that it gives a lot of opportunities and positive outcomes for me.
What are the benefits of swimming for me by the way?
I can tell you that swimming can improve one’s body endurance. It’s also relaxing, and the movements you are making when you swim are smooth and rhythmic, plus it’s also a great workout.

The best part about swimming is when you beat your time. It doesn’t even matter if you lose the race as long as you tried your best; you can walk away with a smile on your face. When you’re in the water you forget that people may be watching and all you care about is getting to the other side of the pool and touching the wall. You can just let go and fly.

-Christine Jardin Obedoza


Bulls-eye PDR Reflection


Archery is the act or practice of propelling arrows to hit a target. My love for this sport started when I was still a young boy. Oh how I love to see an arrow spin and slowly hit the target. Suddenly you will feel you are alone; there is nothing around you, but you, and the distance of the target mat. Once you release the arrow, your eyes are focused to where you are aiming and when you hit the target a feel of triumph overcomes you and you feel so light and fulfilled. I think Jesus Christ did the same thing to us. Our sins are the distance he had to overcome to hit the target which is us. His goal is to reach us and be with him in heaven. He suffered from the cross, gave his life for us in order to save us. Our sins which is the distance between Jesus and, the bow and arrow are the sufferings and death of Jesus Christ, He was so focused that he endured the pain for us. Because of this we the target mat was hit bulls – eye and we are saved, amen.


-Paolo Enricoh Yalong 2


Passion, Death and Resurrection Reflection on Arnis

My passion for Arnis started when i was in second year high school and my love for it grew exponentially as time passes by. Though it was hard for me, since at that time i was very fat; at the same time slow and inflexible, I worked hard and stayed in to train for a few extra hours every meeting. I continued to do this ’till i became the team secretary of Claret Arnis Kali Eskrima Society (C.A.K.E.S.) in my third year, and the team captain on my fourth. I loved learning and sweating all my stress out. One time that I consider a “death” in my passion for Arnis was when my mom started to question my love for this sport. She wanted me to focus on my studies and even scolded me for participating in tournaments and training sessions. She even fought with my coach once. After all that, i shamefully doubted and questioned myself. I asked myself “should I just let go?” But after thinking about it, i found my Passion in Arnis and got somewhat “resurrected.” I continued training even after graduation and proudly spread the news that Arnis is the Philippine’s National Martial Art and Sport under RA 9850. Fist semester college, my block mates would tease me “Shops!! Dali sabihin mo ulit yung republic act blabla!! hahaha!!” or something like “Ui 9850!!” And I loved hearing it and saying it everytime. -Shopao Medalla CruzImage